Beihai Self Drive Tours from Chengdu

As what i did last year, drifted to Qinghai Lake aimlessly, This year, I went to Beihai, a southern ctiy in Guangxi Automonous Region. In a long time, many friends thought i am a gay coupling with Zhang, but now, both of us bring girlfriend, rumours come crumbling down immediately.

We drove car to Chongqing, picked Zhang's girlfriend up in Yangongqiao. She has a leadr temprament, and Zhang like a soldier. 

Chongqing city is famous on internet for the most complicated overpass in China, Netizens describe it with "8D Magic City", It's very easy to get lost, even you are a native. So i obviously lost my way and passed same place three times before leaving there. 

This highway passed through the mountiains and river,  about three hours later, We entered provincial boundaries of Guizhou. And 3 hours later again, We arrived Guiyang City.

I tarveled every southwetern province except Guizhou; generally speaking, Guiyang is obscure relative to the surrounding provincial capitals, it has not famous mountains and great rivers, except a lot of ancient towns dotted between karst landforms. With the bad geological conditions and weak economic strength, these ancient towns was so lack of communication with the outside world that them change was very slowly in past years. But blessed by misfortune,No one would thought this town will crowded today, for the old builidings and simple and honest folkway.

Guiyang was Zhang's destination, they would go back Chengdu a few day later; Our destination was Guilin. When we got Guiyang, it seems that the psychological distance of Beihai is not so far like before; moreover my GF live inland and never saw sea before,so we decided go to Beihai. 

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